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Captain Arthur Henry Scott – A Mystery

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What is this about?
These pages are about trying to solve a family history mystery and locate a birth date, date of death and any other information surrounding an ancestor.

Which ancestor?
My great-grandfather was called Captain Arthur Henry 'Boy' Scott. I was brought up believing that, through him, we were somehow related to Captain Robert Falcon Scott, the Antarctic explorer, but so far I have not been able to establish a link. Mainly because Arthur Henry Scott remains something of a mystery. With your help we may yet unravel this mystery and thereby free up my family history research.

What is here?
I am uploading a timeline of known facts, documented evidence, dates, and family lore so that anyone who wants to can try and track down AH Scott. I will also put up related families, his wife’s, his daughter’s connections in case any of those family lines are also yours

Why here?
I have put these pages on our Symi Dream site, in a separate area, simply to save us having to create a new domain name – this mystery may soon be solved and these pages therefore may be temporary. I run on behalf of my partner and the photo business he has on the island of Symi, Greece. It is also a personal blog and this is a personal addition, so it makes sense to me.

What can I do?
If you fancy trying to find some information and joining in with this search please go to the Evidence page and see what we have already. If you have anything to add simply email me at scott @ All input and help is appreciated. I’ll try and answer all emails promptly, where possible.

I have kept these pages very simple as I am not a web designer.
To the left are some useful links that I have used in the search so far.

Click here to see the time line and to start your own hunt

Collin family and many more

The Mann family: starting in Kersey, Cosford, Suffolk in 1821 - unrelated family

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