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Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Wittering on

Wittering on

Happy first of the month to you. Had rather a successful day in Yialos on Tuesday, collecting post and pottering about, having lunch at Meraklis, and later catching a cab back to the village in time for Neil to start work. I’m not saying it was hot, but…

june 30_01

It was pretty warm. It was also pretty quiet to start with but later, after the day boats arrived, things became busier, so hopefully, some shops did some business. And talking of business, I have to go and do some in Rhodes on Friday. Luckily we have plenty of boats and crossings to choose from, and there’s one back in the afternoon which isn’t too late, and which will suit me just fine.

june 30_08

I need to go back the following week too, to pick up my biometric card, a process which, for some people, has meat a two-hour wait on a staircase, and in this heat. This process has been relatively easy for most of us. Just imagine what it is like for refugees who, apart from anything else, don’t speak Greek and are not used to the way things work around here—two offices to visit, maybe more, 101 pieces of paper, forms to fill out, waiting, fingerprinting, no appointments so more waiting, being turned away when the office shuts, and ‘Come back tomorrow…’ Looking forward to that visit next week, not. Except I am, because once it’s done or once we’re turned away if we can’t get in to pick up a card (how long does that take?), then I’m off to find an 18th birthday present for our godson, so I shall be shopping with a purpose.

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