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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Windy memories

Windy memories

You can’t really see much from my photo, but I tried to get a shot showing the waves being whipped up under an easterly wind on Sunday. It’s still banging around the roof on Monday morning, and it’s only force five or six. Sometimes, when it’s really windy, you can see the breakers crashing against the rocks of Nimos even from up here in the village.


A memory popped up on my timeline on FB over the weekend. It showed Neil doing a handstand on a bench in Mandraki a few years ago. It says it was 2015, in which case we would have been on our way back from Vienna, Prague, Hungary and Serbia, but I am sure it was when we were coming back from Transylvania in 2013. We went there for my 50th, as it was a place I always wanted to go, and had a great time in Bucharest and the Carpathians, but got stuck in Rhodes for five days because of the weather. That was due to the wind, which stopped even the Blue Star from sailing. After two days in a hotel in Rhodes, you start to run out of things to do, after three, you’re starting to go stir crazy, and after four… Well, it’s open season on entertainment, and you have to make your own. In our case, another walk around the headland while battling the wind, doing handstands on benches, watching the waves crash over the seawall, and wondering if there was anywhere open in the New and Old Towns that we’d not yet explored. Still, we got through it, spent about as much money in Rhodes in five days as we did in two weeks in Romania, and finally made it home. The story is a warning for anyone coming over at that time of year, especially if you’re only visiting for a few days.

january 28th_08

But that was then, and this is now, and nothing much is open anyway. [Hearsay alert:] Apparently, tourists have been spotted in the village. Visitors, at least. Perhaps homeowners, else how else did they get here? The country is opening up to Israeli tourists, I hear, and experiments are running on Rhodes and elsewhere to see if some kind of all-inclusive tourist holidays might work until the country is able to open up to ‘tourists proper.’


Meanwhile, I am still battling through the first draft of what’s turning out to be a very long novel that will need a lot of cutting. The shutters are shut, but at least it’s not cold, and I’ve hardly seen any daylight for a while. That’s mainly thanks to my addiction to writing stories which keeps me at the computer from five in the morning until midday, and my compulsion to watch ‘just another series’ of some Australian reality show in the afternoon, during which my mind wanders and creates the next chapter.