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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Weekend and blogs to follow

Weekend and blogs to follow

On Friday, we went out to dinner for the first time since March. Taverna Maria & Georgos was open, serving lunch to a party who came over for a baptism at Panormitis. A few of us ‘booked’ a table for the evening, and sat outside on the steps at the top of the Kali Strata. It was a bit odd sitting outside the old butcher’s shop, now supermarket storeroom, and not in the traditional pebbled courtyard, but that was the choice of our hostess, and the taverna has been putting a table or two our there for a couple of years now. Nice view.

June 26th_03

And the first chips I’ve had since Vancouver. The lamb was just about spot-on too, and before we knew it, it was half-ten, and everything was closing down, so we waddled off in our various homeward directions. Ours is only about 40 yards away from the taverna, but the following morning, I needed to pop to the corner shop, and the 80-yard round trip required six ‘Kalimeras’ and a couple of additional waves. The friendly, village feel continues despite uncertainties. Music plays from Lefteris Kafeneion through the day, rising in volume when the younger lads take over and being more controlled when dad or grandad comes back. The children play in the square, and sometimes have a rough and tumble where any passing adult will intervene if the rules of fair play are not observed, and the ‘Tilos veg man’ continues to call. (€6.00 for 5 kilos of Tilos potatoes, for example.) There have been a few more holiday boats in and out of the harbour. There’s talk of who will be allowed to travel after the 1st, from which countries and how, but the last I heard, today will bring an announcement from the government. There have been so many updates and changes, those I’ve spoken to and seen writing online are never 100% sure what the latest news is. Mind you, it changes by the day as it needs to, so that’s hardly surprising.

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Remember, where my blog is about what I see (mainly from the balcony these days), and my rambling thoughts generally, if you want more reliable information about what’s happening on the island, then Adriana’s blog is the place to go. If you want travel news as it affects Symi, and updates about airlines and ferries, then Andy’s Symi Travel blog is your port of call. I’d bookmark them both and check in now and then for up to date news and views.

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