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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Water, water everywhere and…

Water, water everywhere and…

Yesterday I was wondering about the weather and whether it would rain. It did, at around midday while we were having a farewell drink with the bother-in-law before going to Meraklis for lunch (dry by then). Pacho’s and other bars filled up very quickly, but the taxi boats kept going, and it was all over in a short while. That left Thursday morning clearer and cooler, but it’s still a bit humid. Wednesday afternoon was also clear, and all the clouds have gone. Very unusual to have a thunderstorm in July, but hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear from it for a while.

July 17_3

The rain was good for the plants, and I hope there was enough of it to give our landlord some in his sterna. He was over in the morning, seeing if the mains supply was coming in. It was, and it filled our limited tank, but the new plumbing arrangements he’s had put in are not working. The mains comes in, sometimes only as a trickle, and there’s enough pressure for it to reach our bathroom roof and our tank. When that’s filled, it’s supposed to then carry on up to the roof of the tower, fill a tank there, and then that feeds the flat downstairs and the landlord’s house. But there’s just not enough pressure, or it’s been wrongly plumbed as once we are full, the water doesn’t go anywhere else. The best thing would be to have our sterna repaired and go back to how it used to be. I did suggest that yesterday but am not sure he understood. So, the water issues persist, but we are ok. I gave our landlord one of our large 10-litre water bottles and filled it from the hose – which works only when the mains is running – and took it over to his house for him. It’s the best we can do right now, but I’m hoping a decent plumber will come and sort it out for him. The last lot have left the tower tank open with a piece of wood and wire holding the ballcock closed, so if it does ever fill up, it should then progress down and across the road to his house. Meanwhile, all kinds of things can get into it and live there. All fun and games.

July 17_1_1

Actually, I just thought. If the ballcock is closed, it won’t fill up, will it? But it’s obviously not working, and if I take off the wood and wire, it might fill but then overflow onto the roof, wasting water… Maybe I’ll try that on Friday and see if directs the flow to his house via the other pipe. (You can’t imagine the pipes we now have, it’s like an early map of the London Underground.)

July 17_8

Turned out nice in the afternoon.

Turned out nice in the afternoon.