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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Wander, Wonder

Wander, Wonder

I took a wander on Monday morning, up through the village to the main road and down again, just for some fresh air. It was windy and cloudy but not cold, and not unpleasant at all. Among the things of interest I saw were cats, walls and greenery, so here are a few photos highlighting what Symi is like right now. At least, what parts of it are like along the route I took.

January 11th_07

First of all, the cats at the bins. We have feed from Symi Animal Welfare now, so our bin cats will get more regular supplies of biscuits. Meanwhile, they seem quite happy to play with an old toy car that’s been left there for collection.

January 11th_02

If you look closely, you’ll see someone has already called shotgun on the front seat.

January 11th_01

Up at the top of the village, the road to and from Periotisa and Agia Triada is being improved. It’s now concreted flat, and the retaining wall is being built along with safety railings on the other side of the road. What’s interesting here is that the wall is being built around a shrine that’s been there for longer than I’ve lived here. These are usually set up to mark the scenes of an accident, death or perhaps a close call, and it’s good to see the personally erected shrine respected and the wall built around it.

January 11th_19

Then there’s the workmanship that goes into the stonework, also to be admired.

January 11th_17

Then, from the top road, there was the view of the valley where you can see how green it is at this time of year.

January 11th_15

The sea was grey and a bit choppy, the clouds hung around for most of the day and were back on Tuesday morning along with the strong-ish winds, though the temperature in the courtyard was still reading 17 degrees.