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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Village, Tests and Wind

Village, Tests and Wind

A few shots of the village today. It’s often quiet when walking around the lanes in winter, but especially so these days, and particularly in the early morning. The air was mildly damp, and so I could smell the wet stones, of which there must be millions, and the weeds growing among them. One of the churches was lit up, the street lights were still on, and there was an atmosphere of calm only interrupted by birdsong and the occasional, distant bell.

January 11th_08

The high winds of Monday and Tuesday had dissipated by Wednesday, though the day started with rolling grey clouds and some flashes of lightning over Turkey. In local news, the medical centre had received 600 quick Covid tests, and I read in a Greek-wide forum that it is now possible to register for the vaccine either online or at the local pharmacy and/or KEP. I’m not sure if our registering at the town hall the other week was just for gathering numbers, or whether that was an official registration. As it was done via KEP (I think), I am assuming it was official, and we are now on the list for… Whenever. I am sure we’ll find out. Either way, we’re still case-free here and obeying strict lockdown laws.

January 11th_09

That aside, the week so far is going smoothly, apart from having to tie down the washing, and we’re still enjoying unseasonably warm weather. That, apparently, is set to change when the wind turns to blow from the north-west any day now. We shall see.

January 11th_11