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Images are by Neil Gosling and all are subject to copyright ©

symi Neil Gosling has exhibited his photography in England and Greece. He has photographed for theatre, models, cabaret and a wide variety of magazines and newspapers across Europe.

Neil is available on Symi for wedding, events, portraits and property photography

You can contact Neil here

See also the SymiDream shop

Images of Symi
Some Christmas shots 20 images
Harbour on a December evening and the school bazar 31 images
A few December shots 15 images
October, Nikiphoros' baptism and Glen's lightening 24 images
An odd collection 13 images
Neil's birthday 62 images
Harry 5 images
August 17 images
Island dances in the village square 113 images
Symi Visitor exhibition & a sunrise 22 images
Sunday morning walk 39 images
Traditional dances 25 images
A slide show evening 45 images
Festival 24 images
Exhibition at the gallery 45 images
June/July random 21 images
End of term at the primary school 43 images
Clean up Symi day (mainly the party afterwards actually!) 21 images
A wedding on Symi 7 images
Taverna Zoi. Jean's party and others 23 images
May 8th parade 25 images
Georgio's, Filos & launching a boat 58 images
Koukoumas 65 images
Mario's birthday party 44 images
A few shots from Marathunda, Easter Monday 14 images
Easter Saturday night 27 images
Georgeo and Maria re-opens, April 3rd 24 images
Village Square panorama 13 images
Rainy days, a few shots from the shop doorway 20 images
Clean Monday and Jenine's birthday 53 images
A few February shots (by James) 7 images
Carnival starts 115 images
Kath's birthday at the taverna 28 images
A walk through the Pedi valley 29 images
A walk in January 21 images
January 11 images
New Year's Day by night 41 images
Birthdays and Christmas 2006 - 2007 16 images
Below are 2006 and before
A few December pics 14 images
A new radio show (part of 24) 30 images
Panormitis day at Kokimides 11 images
Random shots from Summer 2006 33 images
Jenine and Ian's wedding 36 images
A night out in Chorio 35 images
The exhibits in the ODAS exhibition 45 images
ODAS official launch and exhibition 40 images
Getting ready for Sunday and dancing 18 images
To Klima re-opens, Neil's birthday 33 images
Panagiri - Assumption of Mary 45 images
A new art group forms and a concert is held in Chorio 23 images
Tina's birthday 39 images
A night on the Kali Strata 12 images
A day on the beach 44 images
Filming for TV, Cup final night... 35 images
People 10 images
On the boat with Laskarina 20 images
Dancing Lesson - Photos by Mike 20 images
A day in June 14 images
An hour on the Kali Strata (part of 24) 32 images
June - various dream shots 18 images
Julie's bar, Pedi 14 images
SymiDream gallery now open 16 images
Jean's birthday party at the Jean & Tonic 45 images
May 8th parade 59 images
People seen out and about on Symi in May 30 images
Koukoumas in Chorio 100 images
Opening night at Daphne Symi 28 images
Opening night at Zoi Taverna 11 images
A village walk in April 32 images
Boat yard (Harani) and Easter fireworks 17 images
Village spring flowers and ruins 30 images
Rhodes, Turkish graveyard, an eclipse and a sunset 35 images
Panormitis - Club Alithini & an impromptu BBQ on the steps 24 images
Clean Monday 18 images
Carnival 28 images
February on Symi 18 images
Village carnival 'Sooty Thursday' 58 images
Epiphany 28 images
Christmas and New Year 06 9 images
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