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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Typically Village

Typically Village

I’ve had a few typically village days this week, by which I mean I’ve seen things which are what I’d call typical of the village. These are sights such as a donkey carrying shopping across the village square and a stray goat wandering the lanes in the middle of the village nowhere near the rural boundary. You get used to these kinds of sights as you smile at them and carry on with your day. I’ve had some typically village-style afternoons at the kafenion too, where Manolis told his story of being in Rhodes and ordering a pizza from a large pizza delivery firm only to still be waiting two hours later. Eventually, he rang the number on the flyer and spoke to someone only to find out they couldn’t find his address and his pizza was still in Athens. In Athens, malaka? A mix up of some sort and a humorous story that took a long time to tell and longer to laugh about.

January 11th_13

Another couple of typically village incidents happened on Tuesday. The first is just something you have to get used to; people stopping to chat outside your window when you’re trying to have a siesta. This was compounded by an accompanying screaming child. Later, Sotiris wandered by the bar with his usually cheery wave, but unusually, he wasn’t delivering from his supermarket. He wandered off up the lane and returned a while later, carrying something in the front of his t-shirt. After stopping for a chat with the neighbours, he wandered back past us, and we had to ask what he was carrying. Turned out to be a clutch of chicks someone had reported abandoned on the lane. There was no sign of the mother (or it had been run over or something), so he was asked to rescue them. I imagine they are now being brought up by a broody hen up at his farm, and in time, he’ll sell their eggs in his free-range bucket in his shop.

February 15th_1

All typically village, which is still rather quiet in the afternoons, and where everyone is wondering when the Brits we usually see at this time of year will be let out for good behaviour and be able to travel without being locked up on their return. Hopefully, by September, and although I doubt that will rescue many from the quiet season, it will certainly help see a few families through the winter. Meanwhile, temperatures are climbing towards 40 and above, the air is still, and the humidity is rising. We’ll soon have to open all windows and switch on all fans, and the men will be wearing vests beneath their shirts, tucked into their jeans, but, in summer, that’s typically village too.

January 16th_01