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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Tuesday thoughts

Tuesday thoughts

Going on in my world today: A strong breeze, to say the least. It’s showing force six at the moment, rising to seven and eight later, and the temperature is down to four degrees, from about 17 a few days ago. All the shutters are closed, and the draft excluders are up or down depending on where they go. I am currently wearing thermals, a light jumper, an Aran sweater over that, and a hoodie, and I am inside the house near a heater. I’m glad I don’t work outside.

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I have started gathering my bits and pieces needed for my biometric residency card in April because I like to be organised. I asked my accountant for ten years’ worth of proof of tax… thing, and she sent them through by return. I just need to print them nearer the time. I have ordered a bank statement from one bank and can print statements from the other nearer the time, and I don’t even think I need to do that, but I am playing safe. It seems different offices ask for different things depending on your current state and whether they’ve had their coffee, so I am gathering everything and anything I can think of to show I have lived here permanently and officially since 2002, or 2003 when I got my first card, or at least 2008 when my current card is dated from.

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Panormitis in Yialos can and will do the photos and the CD copy they need, and that’s also for nearer the time. The electricity bill is now in my name, though I’ve not had a bill yet, but am expecting one, so that’s the utility bill sorted. I will also take my civil partnership document, registration at the town hall after marriage thing document, the house contract in my name, a sworn affidavit I have that states my address from a couple of years ago, Greek driving license, my passport, and maybe even Paddington Bear in case anyone needs cheering up. We’re not going until the end of April, but as I say, once a boy scout… I was only one for a term at prep school, but what the hell. Neil, of course, doesn’t need to worry about any of this because he is Irish and they, sensibly, are still in the EU.

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Meanwhile, we’re hearing more reports of people being asked to provide tax papers and pay import duties on parcels from the UK, even gifts, and the amounts being asked for range from €30.00 to over €300.00, though that’s not all on Symi. Others have said they have received things with no extra charges. These are a couple of the Brexit fallout that have come to light since the New Year.

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