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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

This Day in (local) History

This Day in (local) History

In the absence of anything better to write about… apart from the continuing high winds, the man who regularly decides to have a phone conversation outside the bedroom window at 4.30 in the mornings (why?), and my ongoing writing project… I had a dip into my memories to see what I was doing this day in the past. It’s actually yesterday as you read this, but there you go.

I notice that three years ago, Paddington was off on more travels. He was escorting the god boys to Athens for a short break, where he got to see the Corinth Canal, the Acropolis and other sites.


Also, three years ago, I took this photo while out on a walk just after sunrise. I have no idea what the weather is doing now, or even if the sun has risen because my shutters are currently closed against the wind.

symi sunrise

Seven years ago, the herb shop on the Kali Strata opened. This is opposite where we used to have the shop before it was taxed out of existence, and the herb shop is still open and still the place to go in the village for herbs and suchlike.

seven years ago

Eight years ago, however, we were still on my 50th birthday trip to Romania. This photo shows us travelling through the Carpathian mountains near Rasnov. That, by the way, is a place that features in the novel I am writing, but at the time the novel is set, it wasn’t called Rasnov. It was called various other names depending on which country produced the map you’re looking at, and who ruled what at what time and, frankly, the history of that part of Europe in the 19th century is still a bit beyond me. Still, it’s a nice shot, taken by Neil.

eight years ago

Talking of whom, here he is on the same trip but closer to home in Rhodes, probably taken after we got back and somewhere near Mike’s Café in the Old Town. (Non-rip-off prices, a decent local café, a bit like Pacho’s on Symi, and near ‘The parrot experience’ at the taverna opposite.)

eight years ago 2

And finally, ten years ago at the opening of the Two A’s Bar in Horio, where Sue, Mike and I were doing a ‘sesh’ of favourites and folk, rock and retsina. As you can see, none of us had learnt our pieces, and we’re all sightreading.

ten years ago