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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Things to Do

Today’s list of things to do:

This blog post (obviously, and quickly), my other blog post to do, a short story to edit, four hours at least of another project, water the ‘garden’ as it’s a water day, washing (ditto), continue to rearrange and edit the first four chapters of the next book as I realised on my last readthrough that all the info and story I need is there but in the wrong order, take a short walk (if possible), make lunch, prepare lesson plan for H’s fist piano lesson of the season ready for Monday (this can wait until tomorrow). To make it worse, I didn’t wake up unit four, so I already feel as though I am in a hurry.

Luckily, the temperature is now down to around 32 during the day, so I’m not sweltering, and I have all day as I have no work to go to. No work? Ha!

I had time for a short wander yesterday afternoon. Now it’s slightly cooler, I don’t mind going out, climbing to the top of the village and back during the afternoon, whereas before, it was nigh on impossible to go out at three in the afternoon. There was a cooling breeze too, which helped. This photo was taken with a wide angle from next to the Panorama Kantina on the main road a little way up the hill.


These other two, which I will leave you with as I set about my to-do list, show you the balmy early morning of the other day and the view from our window, or one of our windows. It’s a pleasant view up the lane where we often see cats, chickens with their chicks, people with suitcases, the trash truck, and the occasional goat and other wandering animals. All delightfully rural until a moped with no sound insulation roars by in the wrong gear. However, today, there’s no time to stand and stare.

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