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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

There will be more

There will be more

Morning! Just putting up a few of Allan’s photos from Friday to keep you in the loop. I know that not everyone uses Facebook (where I have taken these from) so for those who don’t, this is for you. There are loads more, but we’ve not had time to see them yet, but I will get back to a more regular blog pattern after today or tomorrow, all being well. There’s so much to tell you and so many people to thank that it’s going to take a while to get through all the messages and reply. For now, I thought you might like to know what a wonderful reception we have had from everyone here, visitors, residents of all nationalities, neighbours in the village, taverna owners in Yialos, the boys who work at Georgio’s, Yiannis and his wife (tears of happiness from Katarina, very moving), random people in the street, people of all ages from 14 to 80 + have given us their congratulations and so many people have told us ‘the whole island is talking about it’ (in a good way). Just goes to show what a truly wonderful place Symi is.

Anyway, more photos and news during the week, plus thanks, but today, in particular, a big thank you to Allan and Julie who took these photos (and many more) and who were working from Thursday at the impromptu stag and stag night, all through Friday’s drinks party at Rainbow, the signing at the notary office and on to the boat.

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