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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Thank You!

Thank You!

Here’s a big thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes yesterday, both via email and via Neil’s Facebook page. (I’m still a bit too jet-lagged to think straight, so haven’t been using FB much as yet). Despite everything, I had a great day with messages and video calls from all over the place. The godboys and mum, just up the road, did a video call complete with happy birthday played on the piano by GS #1 (very proud), jokes, laughter and more than a little madness.

Now, as promised, let me introduce you to some of the plants in the courtyard. For lack of anything else much to show you, I thought we might follow their progress over the net few weeks now and then, to give me some images to add to the blog. As you can see, they’re not at their best after the winter. The cast list comprises:


Sharry-Louise Rose – a gift from the Godboys and their mum, thus it’s named after them.


Heavy Plant Crossing – so-called because it’s in a heavy pot and when bigger, should reach across the wall.


The bougainvillaea, still rather hail-damaged


The stick – which is actually a chilly plant that we had several chillies from last year. It started as a pod from Yianni-Rainbow’s plants and did well once we put it in the shade. It’s now been cut back to regrow bigger this year, hopefully. Still waiting.