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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Symi International

Symi International

Saturday saw Symi’s second international street party up in the village square. There were stalls from local residents from Greece, Croatia, Italy, UK and others selling homemade crafts, hot food, sweets biscuits and more with money raised going to various local groups. There was also music from the countries represented and a special treat later in the day when a scout troop from Rhodes joined in with dancing. We had a chat with the organisers afterwards (well done to you btw), and some rough figures showed what had been raised:

Symi Music School €256.00 (plus some which had not, by then, been counted)

AO Symi Football €467.00

The High School €150.00

Symi Animal Welfare €200.00

That’s over €1,000 made in one afternoon. I came away with a new AO Symi hoodie and a bit of a sugar rush after various sweets, and full up from chilli and souvlakies. A great morning/afternoon. Well done and thank you to everyone who joined in including the bars and taverna who lent tables, those who organised the music, helped set up and clear up and the rest.

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