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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Symi Christmas: Thursday

Symi Christmas: Thursday

Thursday, first thing, was a case of recovering from Wednesday last thing. We went to the Sunrise for a Christmas quiz, guess the song and singer included, and had a jug of wine or two. I won’t post the later-night photos of people having a good time. As usual with those kinds of shots, they are not very kind to the models in them. There’s one where I look as happy as an out of work Santa-elf, with a beard and what Neil calls an ‘upside-down happy face.’ I was more than happy, it was just the moment the image was taken.

Symi Christmas

It wasn’t a late night, we wandered home around eleven and had a moment’s peace and quiet before turning in. The next day dawned colder than of late, ten degrees in the courtyard, and the sky is clear. The harbour, when I see it, is very quiet. I say that as the shutters are closed to keep the heat in, and so I only see it if I go up onto the roof, or along the lane. I may head down there today though for our Symi Dream Christmas outing (shopping and a beer at Pacho’s, possibly a giros). We’ll have to be back in good time as there are the carols and Christmas songs at Lefteris’ later this afternoon. I’ll leave Neil in charge of the camera for that and see how many more photos of people having a good time I’m unable to show you at the weekend.

Symi Christmas Symi Christmas Symi Christmas