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Living on a Greek island

A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Symi by night

Symi by night

Well, not all of Symi by night but a couple of shots from over the weekend when we were out and about after hours. Coming back from Upper Horio and passing the church of Ag Athanasios where there are new eagles crowing the gateposts, and lit up from the outside, coming back from the Sunrise on Sunday night, past the supermarket looking mighty festive as always, and the village square on a not-too-chilly night in January.

january 14_1

I’ve still not located the photos missing from my camera. Thank you to everyone who has suggested places to look and things to try and for telling me all about how it happened to them. I’ve been chatting with Samsung’s help messenger service who sent me through a series of steps (I’d already tried) but to no avail. I can only imagine the card filled up, the phone said it was going to clear the space, I didn’t see the message, and it just went and did it with no further warning. Ah well, I had saved some of the images, and there was nothing too desperately important on there.

january 14_7

What’s on this week? Nothing very much. I am hoping my order of new furniture arrives, Neil gets his room painted so his office things can leave mine and go home, I can fit in my new computer desk (when here) and finally get my ‘study’ knocked into shape. I am now waiting for a curtain and rail as well, but that’s a finishing touch. First I need the rest of the furniture, but you should have an image of the finished room in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, it is looking like a fairly standard week ahead for me, and I have no plans to be out and about anywhere. I was going to take a walk this morning and I might… if it stops raining. The first day in weeks I’ve been in the mood and the first day for about a week that it’s decided to rain again. Ah well – up and at ’em, as they say.

january 14_9 january 14_4