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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Sun, Tests and Trousers

Sun, Tests and Trousers

Just to show you that February is not all about wind and rain, here are some photos from Yialos on Monday (I think it was). It’s cold again this morning, but not unbearable and certainly not wet as it was the other afternoon when we had rain dumped on us out of the blue (or grey) without warning.

February 17_3

Just a reminder that there won’t be a blog tomorrow and maybe not on Saturday either as we are off to Rhodes on Friday. This is for our annual health checks, something we have been doing for about the last ten years. We used to do this independently, but in recent years we have taken an insurance policy with AXA (around €200 a year) which includes having annual blood tests, heart check-up and chest X-rays at Euromedica, the private hospital on Rhodes. Also included are some nice extras such as emergency cover if you have an accident and need A&E, and the company is flexible, so if you need something doing and you’re not sure if you’re covered, you simply phone up and find out, and if they can, they will wangle it in; as it were. They also offer a discount because we have our house contents insured with them.

Fisherman back from the sea and mending their nets

Fisherman back from the sea and mending their nets

All we have to do tomorrow is get to Rhodes and then to Euromedica, and I have pre-ordered a taxi from Akandia port as Friday is a very popular day for boat travel to Rhodes, and then, at the hospital, meet our insurance agent who deals with the paperwork for us. Usually, the three lots of tests and things take less than an hour, and we take a taxi back to Rhodes Town to do the other things that need doing, i.e. shopping and lunch. Shopping tomorrow must include a new pair of trousers as I turned up my one and only pair yesterday, cutting the first leg successfully to length, and then measuring the to-be length of the second against the off-cut only later realising I’d not turned down the second one and had cut it to the exact length leaving no room for a turnup, which made me feel like a turnip. As usual, when doing this, I wished I had longer legs so I could buy trousers that don’t require turning up, but I think I have only found three pairs of perfect-fit in my life. Maybe I should just work on my sewing skills.

So, I may put up some photos on Saturday, or I may not, but, just in case, happy weekend to you all.

February 17_5