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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island



The first thing I do each morning when I sit down to work is go through my Mailwasher email filter thing and delete spam before I download the one or two genuine emails to my computer. The other 50 or so go in the bin, but I do check the titles out of morbid interest, and to make sure real messages haven’t been spammed out. So, in today’s collection, we have all manner of alarming and interesting things to consider.

Neil gosling Symi_51

I am congratulated on making a payment of $678.00 to a company I’ve never heard of, I can buy front row tickets for ‘Pretty Women’, a stage show I assume and if so one I don’t want to see (what happened to originality in musical theatre?), Valentines gifts for her! With an exclamation mark as if that meant anything – still wondering who ‘her’ is. I can save on car insurance for a car I don’t have, and buy a coronavirus mask while stocks last, or consider an advert for ‘Potent VegMelted Diabetic Fat,’ which I think I might decline. Then, I can order a romantic teddy bear made of roses (and pay €15.00 import duty at the post office if it’s from outside of the EU, no thanks), and there’s a note from the Shark Tank Investors who apparently love miracle weight loss, as would we all. Oh, I’ve made another payment in Indianapolis of $164.00; news to me. I can check my blood pressure anywhere (I know, I do, thank you), and do you know ‘She dropped 25lbs without a thyroid?’ No, I’d never heard of it either, but if you show me the music, I’ll vamp it for you. And as for ManPlus ‘special’ tablets, well… I’d find that a bit hard to swallow.

Neil gosling Symi_77

And thus, my inbox despammed before I download the two genuine emails, I shall continue with the rest of my day.

Neil gosling Symi_75