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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Shots from on High

Below are some shots from on high to round off the week. By contrast, one of them is a shot from underneath. It’s one of the tunnels you can find if you wander the upper village. I’m told these came about because parts of the village were built with narrow lanes to a) help support properties during earthquakes, and b) to make it more difficult for invaders to pass through. Possibly also c) because of a general lack of space. I’ve also heard or read that most of the lanes are just wide enough for a mule to pass through because when they were constructed, that was as wide as was needed. Coming down from the top of the village the other day, I passed through the narrowest alleyway in the village (that I have so far found). It’s so narrow, I have to turn slightly sideways in parts, yet it’s still passable for me, but a mule with a pack would get stuck. Next time I am that way, I will try to remember to take a photo.

Apart from a couple of walks, for me, this week has all been about sorting out my next book. I wasn’t 100% happy with it when I finished the first draft a couple of weeks ago, and it was only late last night that the reason came to me. I jotted a few notes which basically put the plot into perspective and finally gave me the frame on which the rest of the story should be built. So, later this morning, I will begin again on yet another draft, sift out what’s not needed, highlight what is, and hopefully, this will be the last round of edits and rewrites. I’ve never had such a drama with a story. Maybe I am more critical of myself now than I’ve been before, but something has always nagged me about this tale since I had the idea for it some years ago. Finally, the story found its characters, but now, they’ve lost the story, and it’s my job to put it back together.

I’ll start on this before I head down to the harbour for some essentials, namely, mastic, varnish and a brush (not metaphorical ones for the story, but real ones for those odd jobs that have been hanging around for years). There’s also a visit to the post office and a quick lunch at one of our favourite tavernas in the offing. So, I’ll get on with my ‘patch things up’ day, and leave you with these shots from on high.

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