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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Rhodes tips

Rhodes tips

Tomorrow, I am off to Rhodes for the day to blurrily see an optician through glasses that need updating. Apart from having my eyes tested as I do every year, I want to ask about contact lenses. I’ve not worn them for 17 years, but before that, I wore them from the age of 17, so it seems an appropriate number of years to have waited before seeing about using them again instead of, as well as with, glasses. The boat is early, around 6.30 I think, I will check the tickets later, and that will mean I have several hours before the appointment at 11.00. It will also mean a long, leisurely walk around the three harbours of Rhodes to somewhere like the Plaza Hotel for breakfast (€7.50 for the full buffet at the last visit).

Random Rhodes photos from March

Random Rhodes photos taken one March

I’ve said it before, but this hotel is a good place to ‘hang out’ while you wait for an appointment or a flight because the bar is open to all, serves drinks, coffee and snacks all day, and they have a pool you can use if you want, as well as the usual facilities. You’re able to leave luggage there, and the only thing you should do in return is use the bar, restaurant or at least buy a drink or a coffee. It’s also pretty central and easy to get to by taxi from the ports or by foot if you don’t mind the walk. There’s a new walkway now all the way from the commercial harbour to the gate at Mandraki. Be careful if you walk through St Paul’s Gate, the old stone bastion between Kolona and Mandraki, to cut off the road via Symi Square as you tend to find aggressive ‘beggars’ there. I once had a woman come up to me and greet me as if we were long-lost buddies only then to turn verbally abusive when I told her I wasn’t interested in buying her tat. Just ignore politely and walk on with your ears closed, or follow the main road through the other gate and over the bridge.

Symi Greece photos

If you don’t want to or can’t walk from the boats to the hotel or wherever then there are usually taxis you can take from Akandia (if using the Blue Star ferry). These can get used up quickly if you’re not first off the ferry, and you might want to book in advance. In this case, I use Rodos Taxi. You can find them online with that link, and book in advance. You may pay a couple of Euros extra, but at least someone will be waiting to whisk you to the airport or wherever. You must, though, book online at least one day in advance; otherwise you can’t do it online and will have to phone, but the number is on the site. There are other services available too, and I’ve used a couple to collect people from the airport, pre-paid and leaving the passenger nothing to pay unless they want to tip.


And talking of tips, that’s it for my getting to Rhodes tips for today.

Symi Greece photos