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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Refugees on Symi

Refugees on Symi

This post is taken directly from the Solidarity Symi Facebook page.

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With the recent increase in refugee arrivals in Symi, we would like to appeal for volunteers to assist in coordinating delivery of water, breakfast items and basic needs. If you can commit to one hour morning and one hour evening, for 7 consecutive days, please get in touch. This structure will give some consistency to authorities in the absence of a formal organisation.

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The recent deportations from Turkey to Syria have caused many people to flee Turkey, and because of the horrendous overcrowding and conditions in established island camps, and the threat of deportations back to Turkey (Lesvos, Samos, Kos etc.), smaller Islands like Symi are seeing a large increase in arrivals.

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Donations can be made at Taxas supermarket ‘refugee account’ or via Next Stop Symi.…/food-for-refugees-on-symi
Potential volunteers can message [via Facebook] or call + 30 6957302565. The police and port police are incredibly busy and have little time for well-meaning enquiries. Please understand their situation. Thank you.

And a note from me. Watching the bay on Saturday morning, we noticed several black dots in the sea. At first, we thought they were seagulls, but on closer inspection, they turned out to be innertubes from vehicles, presumably used as life preservers by a recent refugee boat. A little while later, the hard-working coastguards were out there collecting them from the water. It could so easily have been bodies.

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