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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Water, Roots and A Discount

Water, Roots and A Discount

I’m looking out of the office window onto a sky that’s clearing of rain clouds. I was up in time to see the Blue Star arrive this morning at 5.30, at which time it was raining slightly. I’ve also put the mains water on because I am convinced the sterna is leaking. We’re going to add water today (Wednesday), both check the level after, and then check again tomorrow to see if Neil agrees with me or if I am making it up. We’ve had advice from Jean as to what needs doing if the roots of the fig tree in front of the house have reached and breached the sterna, and if so, the process will start with a conversation with our landlord.

December 3rd 1

After today (Thursday) we’re on godparent duty for a few days, splitting our time between our house and theirs, so the blog posts may not be as consistent as usual, but I will do my best. Back to this morning (Wednesday, are you keeping up?) and I’ve had a text from ACS to let me know I have a delivery, so I will be popping down there later. I was told recently that they now have a loyalty card/discount offer available and if you register you are given a card which when you show it, gives you discounts on the price of what you are sending with them. Recently (before I knew of this offer) I sent a parcel to New Zealand. Being out of Europe, it wasn’t that cheap to do, but it arrived on the far side of the world within five days, which I thought was pretty impressive.

December 1st 5

That’s the news, and today’s photos are from a few days ago as I’ve not been out to take anything new of late.

December 1st 2

Final call for Symi gifts

Final call for Symi gifts

Final call for your unique Symi Christmas gifts. Here, with a couple of photos from yesterday’s morning wander up the road, are some blatant links to a few books and a calendar that might do as stocking fillers or even major gifts.

Starting with:
Symi Calendar 2019 – 12 exclusive photos from Symi delivered anywhere in the world, with boxes on the calendar for notes and appointments.

A grey morning in December

A grey morning in December

And then books:
Symi 85600
My first collection of notes covering our move to Symi and the first five years here, from 2002 to 2007.

Carry on up the Kali Strata
Book two in the Symi series. This one is a collection of articles written for the Symi Visitor, plus some extra parts such as the history of the island, with photos. 2007 to 2012.

Village View
These are the edited blog posts from 2013, and they take us through every month of that year. You can follow life on Symi over twelve months.

Symi Stuff and Nonsense
Brings us right up to date, more or less, with more about our move to Symi, living here and then some other travel tales and articles, blog posts and amusing musings.

From the bridge on the main road towards the back of Horio

From the bridge on the main road towards the back of Horio

The book links are all to, but the books are available from all Amazon stores as paperbacks, Kindles and are free in Kindle Unlimited if you want to keep them for yourself. Delivery varies depending on where you are, but if I order something from Amazon UK, it usually arrives here on Symi in about two weeks even in the winter. That’s it for today, I just wanted to get those links and reminders out there in the hope you might find something you’ve not read before, and so new visitors to the blog might pick up on some background reading. All my books and novels are listed on my Amazon author page here. Have a fun day.

Hills, Water, Goats

Hills, Water, Goats

As you can see from the photos, yesterday was a little bit grey, but at least it was dry. Which is more than can be said for the area around a leaking pipe on the path to To Vrisi. (Perhaps someone else could also share this news to the town hall in case they don’t know yet.)

December 3rd 5

I took a morning walk, the first time I’ve been able to in about a week. It’s either been raining, or I couldn’t be bothered, but I made the effort yesterday. The highlight was meeting a herd of goats being moved from their pen to a hillside further along the path. The goatdog (I assume that’s what you call them, as in, sheepdog) came bounding up to greet me, and I stood to the side, still so as not to frighten the skittish beasts. On the way home, I called into upper Horio to collect an oil-filled radiator to bring down to the house. Not a light thing to carry, but at least it was downhill. My arms are wobbly now, so if my typing is more off than usual, you will know why.

December 3rd 3

The view was otherwise unchanged on the path along the side of the hill. I know I do this walk a lot but that’s because I like it, and it’s also a three-mile round trip which is what I aim to do five times per week. A more strenuous one is to follow the main road all the way out of the village and along to the Panormitis turn off and back, that’s just over three miles and constantly uphill. That makes coming back a breeze, and maybe I’ll do that walk later in the week.

December 3rd 2

I’m just tacking a request on the end of this post in case you don’t see it on Facebook. The talented designer who did my recent covers (The Witchling, The Eastling and others) has a cover entered into a competition. Anjela K lives in Serbia, and I think deserves some attention, so it would be great if my readers could click over to the link below and then click on the vote button. You don’t need to sign up or anything, not until the vote reaches 200; after that, you’d have to register so, if you want to help, it’s better to be quick. There’s no information sharing unless you want your name shown, so it’s quite safe. Just click this link and then hit the orange Vote button. (The book looks good too, he added with a wink.) Thank you!

December 3rd 7