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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Save the Symi Music School: Update

Save the Symi Music School: Update

As of yesterday morning, the Just Giving campaign to save the Symi Music School had reached £8,200, 41% of its target. That’s excellent, but there’s still a way to go. So, in an attempt to help, I’m reposting my initial blog in case anyone didn’t see it. You can share this by using the social media share button at the bottom of the post. Thank you.

Save the Symi Music School

Regular visitors to Symi spend time sitting in the square watching the world go by. It’s a popular thing to do, and a lovely way to relax and pass the time. As you’ve been sitting there, you may have noticed young people passing by with strangely shaped cases on their backs, or a rucksack, and you might have wondered what was inside. Well, in some cases, the children are carrying guitars or a bouzouki, perhaps a violin, and in their other bags, they have their music and theory books. Obviously, the pianists don’t carry their instruments around, as a piano layer myself, I’ve tried it, and it never ends well. Anyway…

You may remember, the other day, I mentioned the Symi Music School and its current financial appeal. Well, today, I have the link to the site where you can donate. Simply put, we need to raise £20,000 to save the school. Also simply put, without it, the children of Symi won’t learn music as, I believe, it is not much taught in the schools.

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #042 - 'Crowdfunding to Help fund Symi Music School on JustGiving' - www_justgiving_com

Click the pic to go to the funding page

I remember, when the current pandemic broke out, many people went on Facebook saying they wouldn’t be coming to Symi this year, and they were supporting the island by lessening the risk of bringing C19 to what is still a bug-free island. Obviously, the businesses have missed out on masses of custom this season, so if you still want to help the island, donating to its music school is one way of doing so from afar. Think about what you saved by not coming, and think about how much you usually spend on just one evening out on Symi. Why not send over that amount? You can do it via the page linked in this post. The money will replace that usually provided by the parents of the children who can’t pay this year because they have businesses that haven’t made money because of the lack of tourism. Where a couple of tourists might have spent €50.00 on one night out (some on an afternoon watching the world go by at a bar), the same couple can now send the same amount directly to the education of the children they might have seen passing on their way to a music lesson. It makes sense to me, and I’ll be sending a personal donation plus a percentage of my Symi book sales.

The donation site tells you all you need to now in Greek and English, and some of the pupils have made a short video which you will also find there.

2Crowdfunding to Help fund Symi Music School on JustGiving' - www_justgiving_com

Imagine, when the Symi Festival can restart, you may even find yourself here, listening to one of these upcoming musicians on stage and know you helped put them there.

You can find the page by clicking here. The young musicians of Symi will thank you.

Friday Photos

Friday Photos

How about a courtyard update to accompany some Friday Photos?

As you might know, I’m not very good with plants, so I can’t tell you exactly what all of these are. The big droopy thing probably needs a trellis, the succulent whatsit has done well this year, and so has the chilli which is a second-generation plant grown from seeds taken from one of Yianni’s plants behind the Rainbow. The little one next to it came from V&M’s plant shop at the top of the Kali Strata and has been banging out chillies all year.

The other photos are, as usual, random.

October 14th_6 October 14th_1 October 14th_2 October 3rd_07 October 8th Neil_03 October 8th Neil_06 October 8th Neil_18 20201007_101407 October 8th Neil_29 october 10_1

A little fall of rain

A little fall of rain

There was much talk of a storm on Tuesday night, but what we ended up with was a shower around half-nine in the evening. It wasn’t enough to thoroughly water the plants or fill the reservoirs, but it was an indication of the changing season. The next day, there were still a few clouds around in the morning…

October 14th_4

The bathroom floor got wet, but not because the roof leaked, although it will do unless we get up there and paint the roof, but because I’d left the window open. It won’t be long before the shutters are mainly shut against the wet and cold, and we’re hunkering down for the winter. Before then, however, the sea is still warm, the season is on-going though gradually fading, and we have visitors on the island, some staying, some coming in and out with the day boats.

October 14th_3 October 14th_5