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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

May 8th Parade

May 8th Parade

There was a big parade on Wednesday, May 8th, including the schools, Women’s Institute, army, navy, a band, local politicians, the church, scouts, Red Cross and others. A few hundred people lining the road, the laying of wreaths at the war memorial, a celebratory atmosphere and the sun was shining. Godson #1 was leading the parade, carrying the flag and, of course, I missed him when he passed. I was expecting him further down the line with his class, but he was also hidden by the flag. Ah well, we saw him afterwards looking very smart, and the parade was a joy to watch. I remember the first time I saw the May 8th parade. I’d just started working for Takis Leather in 2003 and was outside the shop when everyone marched past. I remember feeling proud for a reason I couldn’t explain, it was a moving sight to see, it always is, and Wednesday brought the same emotion.

I have a few photos, and they will be on the blog today and for the next couple of days. Pictures painting a thousand words and all that.

May 8th_08 May 8th_10 May 8th_13 May 8th_14 May 8th_15