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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

I have a following

I have a following

There were some beautiful sights to see on Monday morning as there are on many mornings through the summer. For example, the clouds over Turkey looking like snow-capped mountains at dawn…

July 6th_18

While I was taking a wander up the hill to To Vrisi at 6.30, I suddenly found myself being a goatherd, which was a moment of unexpected fun. Araby and his assistant, the shepherd who keeps flocks along the path, were up the hill slightly, leaving some goats a-wandering, and presumably, thinking I had come to feed them. Sadly, I didn’t have my emergency bag of goat feed on me at the time, but at least I now have a following.

July 6th_16

In other news, the island is coming back to working life gradually, and I hope, cautiously. For anyone interested or concerned, I have heard there is an open meeting at the town hall on Thursday morning (10.00) to discuss the provision made for any virus cases that may emerge here. I’d double-check that if I were you, and I picked it up second hand, but from a reliable source. (He says, covering himself because he’s not a newspaper, as you can tell from the bad grammar in today’s post.) Anyway, can’t stop, I have another chapter to draft, but I hope you enjoy the photos.

July 6th_15

Weddings, walks and words

Weddings, walks and words

While I’ve been beavering away writing my usual one chapter a day, the world outside is gradually beginning to turn again. I popped out for an after-work glass of wine on Sunday evening and noted a few visitors in the village. There was a wedding at the weekend, with bells from Agia Triada and other churches, girls dressed in white carrying flowers, and, possibly, visitors over for the day or weekend especially for the event. The Dodecanese catamaran came in on Sunday in the late morning and tied up for a couple of hours, then left, then returned again later before leaving in the evening, and when it first came in, quite a few passengers came off it. I happened to be on the balcony, and feeling like a classic nosey neighbour took a shot through the telegraph wires.

July 6th_09

A plane also flew low over the island (on Saturday or Sunday, can’t remember which now). It wasn’t a large plane, more like a Cessna-sized one, and I saw it fly from Nimborio way, across Nimos and off to wherever. I’ve never seen that before. The Blue Star came in early on Monday morning, and there was quite a procession of vehicles heading down to meet it at five. It’s always a majestic sight to see as it glides in relatively quietly on a flat calm. After a hot and humid night, the dawn chorus was already underway with cockerels, owls, and barking dogs.

July 6th_10

There are a few more pleasure boats in the harbour, the Poseidon has been running day trips at the weekends with limited numbers but still the same wonderful lunch, stops for swimming and a long, lazy day on offer. At least one taxi boat has been running, but I have no idea what beach tavernas are open. Meanwhile, Neil’s off out to see the sunrise at Pedi, and I intend to do some kind of exercise for half an hour later this morning, either a walk or jumping around like a loon in front of a fan while listening to music. Anything to keep the circulation going and get me away from the ‘typewriter’ for a while. And so, to work, because chapter seven of another story waits to be told.

July 6th_08

A warm weekend

A warm weekend

A warm weekend that saw a few more pleasure yachts and boats in the harbour (I counted four on Saturday night), some kafenion still partying until three in the morning like the ‘good old days’, some badly dressed visitors wandering the village… All the usual sights of summer but on a much smaller scale. Some visitors so glad they are here they can’t help but approach with open arms ready to hug, or slap you on the back as they pass (don’t, a slap back in the face often offends), because they are just plain cheery to be here. That’s lovely, but it ain’t going to stay safe for long if you can’t control your enthusiasm.

Pedi June 29th_08

That little social tut done with, what else…? Well, the usual: A chapter a day when I can. Still thinking about taking that early walk up the hill like I used to. Wondering why I only have one shirt that fits me, and where did those emergency shorts from even bigger days go? Lovely dinner on Saturday night with the neighbours, on the roof terrace, sunset, all the theatrical lighting effects you want from stars, harbour and candles, delicious food, a good chat and catch-up, air kisses and just a very special evening all round.

June 24th_03

Then there’s a slight downside. Three hours sleep on Friday night because it was so hot. Up at 2.00 a.m. (29 degrees, humid), cup of tea, one and a half chapters written by lunchtime (around 8.30 a.m.), more done by dinner time (midday), and an afternoon dozing before a very light next-day’s breakfast at seven in the evening. Time clock all over the place, but back to its usual zone on Sunday. Which is where it is now as I write and scramble for a few photos to fill in the blanks before getting back to the next chapter and the next cup of tea.

June 24th_10