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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

One week to the Bidet

One week to the Bidet

Sadly, I see there is only one week to go until the Bidet arrives, and I couldn’t feel sorrier for everyone living in the UK. The Bidet, or B-Day, is the day when the hideous Brexit arrives, although it will take a long time before it is finally ‘achieved’ as if such a thing can achieve anything apart from… Well, most of you know my feelings on this subject, so I won’t go on, but next week I will raise a glass to my old country and wish it well in its decline into… No! I said I won’t go on, and so, instead, after this random photo, there is some good news…

Just sheep living in a ruin. Oh! An accidental analagy, but rather a good one, I think.

Just sheep living in a ruin. Oh! An accidental analogy, but rather a good one, I think.

And the good news, which is actually a bit old now, is to remind those who may be worried, that the Greek Government has ratified a law that protects the rights of British citizens living in Greece. In a nutshell, whether Johnson Minor of the yUK gets a Brexit deal or not after the Bidet, anyone who has a Greek residency card is entitled to stay on the same footing as they are now, regards residency rights. If you have just moved to Greece or still want to do so, you can still apply for such a permit up until the end of December this year – so there’s nothing to stop you moving to say, Symi, this summer and being given the same rights as those of us who have been here for years. After December 31st, things will change (not sure to what), but all of us here and registered, with a blue, cream or whatever colour card it is, will be fine and will enjoy the same right to live here as we do now. We won’t be able to cross borders and live permanently in other EU countries perhaps, so that right has been taken away (by Brexit, not Greece or the EU), and I am not sure what’s going to happen with the finer details of yUK pensions and so on. Random photo follows to give breathing space…

January 23rd_07

But still, although the Bidet is only one week away, I am, frankly, no longer bothered. I am for my friends and family who are suffering this gradual stripping away of their rights and their voice, the benefits of a continent-wide engagement and so on, but the yUK can go to hell in a handbag without me. I don’t even bother with the yUK news much now, I tend to read the Greek news as this is now my country in all apart from citizenship, which may come one day – well, after about five years or however long it takes.

Another analogy, perhaps?

Another analogy, perhaps?

So, get your residency in now – there are websites which tell you how, though a visit to the local authorities for advice (KEP) or direct to the police station is probably the best way to find out exactly what you need, and it will involve proof of address, utility bills, tax numbers, bank accounts, IKA numbers and so on. It can be a trial, but it’s worth it in the end.