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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

One Drive Me Mad

One Drive Me Mad

Had one of those mornings yesterday, not helped by it being Yiannis’ birthday the day before, and he slipping in another full glass every time you thought you were able to go home. But that’s another story, and one I don’t remember much about. Anyway… Neil had shared some more photos on OneDrive, and I was going to show them off today. However, when I went to the shared folders section of our cloud storage and tried to download them, I only got the folder and not its content. Odd. I checked my own photos and couldn’t download them either. Checked the disk space, fine, checked various settings, fine, and went through a whole raft of things put up online by some techie person who knows about these things… and nothing. Folders, not contents.

So, I went to OneDrive help and, of course, my question wasn’t covered in its list of FAQ, so I wrote it in the ‘other’ box or ‘ask the bot’ or whatever it’s called. The automated message came back, ‘please enter your error code.’ I replied, ‘there is no error code, just empty folders.’ The message came back, ‘please enter your error code,’ I replied, ‘There is no error code.’ The message came back, ‘please enter your error code,’ and I shan’t print what I wrote next.

So, today folks, and until I can figure out why I am unable to download from OneDrive, you will have to make do with some more random shots from the existing files. Btw, I had recently had a Firefox update, and that’s the only reason I can think of for the appearance of this overnight problem, so I will investigate that when my headache has calmed down.

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