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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Not a Teams Player

Well, today’s got off to a great start. Not. You know how I like to moan about these things, so…

Microsoft Teams. I hate it, so we’re off to a good start there, but today I hate it more. Having had an accidental lie-in and set my working day back by an hour (so I’m already out of kilter and it’s not even five), I opened my PC to start work and wanted to get everything done in good time for a Teams meeting I have at midday. The first thing I found was an email from the other end reminding me to accept the meeting invitation, which I’d already done. So I did it again, and the ‘Teams’ thing started to open. Then it just hung there for half an hour while I set up other things needed for the morning’s work, and was still ‘opening’ when I came back to it.

A search around online for remedies, and I followed the instructions to open a program and select Teams (which wasn’t there), and then to try running a… something, which I did, and completely removing the thing from the machine, which I did, and then downloading this, and opening that, and hay presto there we go, it’s open. In the wrong account and in Greek with no translation option (that used to be there) and with the thing refusing to let the browser translate for me.

Another several minutes sorting that out, downloading another version, opening this, and clicking on that, I signed up with a new account, using the old account’s credentials, and expecting to be scoffed off the page, but it worked.

That’s that, for now, but I’ve still got to try and get the thing working again in time for the meeting, and before then, there are things to do. Namely a lot of typing, a bit of house-tidying and making some things for lunch or dinner. We have a niece arriving today, so at least I have that visit to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I’ll let you study the image below and see if you can identify a rare sight in the village. No, not the moped, obviously, but a pied wagtail in the village square. I can’t remember the last time I saw one up here, they are usually down by the sea. You will have to enlarge the photo to see it, and even then, you’ll only get pixelation. There’s a clue, though, it’s around the middle of the pic.

Had enough now, so I’ll leave you playing spot the ball and get to work, hopefully, with everything being up to date by the time I start wrestling with this ridiculous program. Why can’t people just use a phone?


A calming view of the Pedi Valley


It’s there, honest!


And, for the cat mad among you, here’s a sleepy thing up at the museum the other day. All sweet and innocent? There was half a dissected rat across the path, so I assume his bad boy was sleeping off lunch.