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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

New Grocer’s, Models and Drips

New Grocer’s, Models and Drips

A bit of a mashup today. A couple of photos from the top of the village taken on a walk the other morning when it was sunny, a shot of the models I have been making over the winter so far, and a photo of what was, for many years, the Jean & Tonic bar. It’s now a greengrocer (well, a pantopoleio, an ‘everything shop’ or village store.)

January 25th_7

We called in the other day on the way back from buying a cap for the unused washing machine water-feed tap, thing that’s dripping in the bathroom. (A great adventure in the DOI shop that came to nothing because I bought the wrong size.) Zouroudi’s is situated along the main village lane where the J&T used to be. It has vegetables and fruit in the outside and courtyard area, and a selection of other groceries inside, with some new (to me) and unusual sauces and other products. We’ve only been once so far as it’s not long been able to open, but we intend to return, and the produce we found was fresh and plentiful. It’s good to have another shop in the village, more choice of where to go for certain things, and it is keeping to the regulations about distancing, masks and hand-wash etc.

January 25th_8

As for the modelling, that’s two I have completed this winter so far, and I have a Wolfman on the kitchen table ready to go when I am next in the mood. I am still waiting for another Phantom from the USA. I ordered this in November, and it left Miami on December 22nd and is currently on the way… somewhere. I usually expect to wait up to three months for deliveries from America, so I am not worried. However, I ordered a sweatshirt as a Christmas present from a company that I believe is based in Europe – Belgium, I think – and this has still not arrived despite being ordered in the first couple of days of December. I wrote to ask them what postal service they used, so I could ask around in case it’s here but with part of the label missing or something, and the company wrote back ready to fall on their own sword. They sent a very sweet email apologising for the delay, but not actually answering the question, and have refunded the payment. Not what I asked for, and now I hope it doesn’t turn up as I shall feel guilty, but it’s been nearly nine weeks now, and I can only assume it has got lost en route. Ah well.

January 25th_6

And to finish the bathroom water-feed/tap thing story… I purchased a very robust, brass ‘cap’ that I thought was the right size to seal the thing and stop the drip, took it home and found it was too small. So, on Monday, after my walk, I called into the DIY shop again and bought two more ‘caps’ of varying sizes only to discover a) one was the same size as the first, and the other was too large, and b) the threads on these caps were on the outside, not the inside, so they wouldn’t work even if they were the right size. I tell you, me and DIY don’t mix. Back to the gaffer tape while I think of what else I can use to stop the drip without replacing the tap. Can you imagine if I tried to do that! I am thinking a hosepipe might do it. A bit drastic, but all I have to hand. I will keep you informed of critical developments.

January 25th_2