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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

New Boat, New Symi Calendar

New Boat, New Symi Calendar

calendar 2019 pageTwo pieces of news for you today to mix in with some random shots from last weekend. First, a reminder that Neil’s exclusive Symi Dream calendar for next year is now on sale, but only via this link. If you go to that page, you can see a preview of the included images, some of the best we’ve seen on any Symi calendar, even though I say so myself. There are images of many of your favourite places around the island. You can also change the currency of the shop when you get there, and make sure you order from your nearest outlet, so the postage is appropriate.


Secondly today, Andy’s Symi Travel Blog has the timetable and details of the new Symi passenger boat that’s starting service this week – 11th July to 9th September. Follow that link to see the timetable which apparently will be for every day of the week. That’s going to be excellent news for people who might otherwise have to stay in Rhodes overnight or leave Symi very early for a later flight. It looks like the Sebeco will be doing:

8.00 depart Symi for Rhodes

10.00 depart Rhodes for Symi

14.30 Symi to Panormitis for an hour, leaving there at 16.00 to come back to Yialos

16.45 Symi to Rhodes

18.30 Rhodes to Symi

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So, you will be able to get from here to Rhodes every day at 8.00 and 16.45, and on some days also at 6.45, 7.30, 16.30 and 17.20 on the Blue Star and the Dodekanisos, depending on day – and those times are approximate because I can’t remember the exact times and days of departures, but you can easily look them up. The point being, we’ll be well connected for the summer in this direction. Landing at Rhodes airport after about 17.00 however may still mean a night in Rhodes depending on how quick you can make it to a port for 18.30, or on the afternoon Blue Stars on the days they run. My advice, as always, is to check the boats before you buy a plane ticket, so you know what you are doing.

You can't get from Rhodes to Symi by bus! (I have been asked this before.)

You can’t get from Rhodes to Symi by bus! (I have been asked this before.)