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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Mythos and taxis

Mythos and taxis

Tuesday night: We met up with a friend for dinner in Yialos and decided to try the new Mythos restaurant. This is now on the north side of the harbour, beside Manos’ fish taverna, Stavros is the chef, and there is a good choice on the menu. The boards outside list traditional Greek food, but the classic Mythos menu is also available. Stavros came to greet us, as he does with his guests and told us what he had prepared that day from the Mythos menu. Customers are also able to choose from a printed menu. With the weather suddenly warming up, it was possible to sit at the front tables overlooking the harbour without being cold. The restaurant has kept the design and fittings from before and looks stunning.

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The staff are also efficient and friendly, the prices are very reasonable considering the standard of cooking, they make their own bread; you can see it being made. It’s also possible to look into the kitchen, so it’s all very open and ambient. As for the food… Well, there’s a reason we like to go to Mythos. I’m not saying we pigged out, but we did a bit. Garlic pitta, a tuna salad and chilli feta from the oven got us off to a good start, and it came with homemade bread. Neil and I went for our favourite, the chicken breast in blue cheese sauce, and our friend had a pork dish, all were rather wonderful as you would expect. After, full and delighted, we were presented with three desserts and a shot of tsipouro (think raki) on the house, and later, a very reasonable bill.

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Being full and lazy, we asked our waiter to phone us a taxi which arrived a few minutes later. Now then, visitors often grumble about not being able to find a taxi in the late evening hours or the early mornings, if you like. Well, we have some new, young taxi drivers. I mentioned one of the guys here the other day. Yiannis picked us up from the restaurant and took us to the village. On the way, he told us that he and his brother (possibly cousin, either way, the same surname) were planning to run a late night service. Kind of: let the older guys drive during the day and the younger guys will take over for the late evenings and early mornings. He said he would still be running at two or three o’clock, but that, in my opinion, might depend on the time of year. The point being, these young entrepreneurs have listened to what people want and are now offering to be around when most needed – most needed by stay-out-laters who don’t want to risk the steps after dark or after one too many free tsipouro. He gave us his card so you can make a note of his number: +30 697 462 3492 – Yiannis and George Petridis. I’ve not yet got the details of the other drivers.

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