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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

My Monday

My Monday

EDIT: For Monday, read Tuesday! It’s a winter thing. I spent all day on Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday, and what I say I did on Monday I catually did on Tuesday… Oh dear.

As you can see from today’s photos, the sea was somewhat rough on Monday when I went down to Yialos. The wind was blowing across the top of the waves bringing sheets of spray landwards, and the water was invading the road somewhat. We’ve seen worse. We had a blustery night with a brief thunderstorm, but Tuesday dawned calmer. Boats were cancelled, and the timetable is currently a bit off, but things will return to normal.

february 5th_4

I had a successful trip to town. I took all my paperwork to the KEP office and the lovely ladies there filled out my application for a Greek driving licence, straight into the computer system, printed it off, I signed it and they sent me to the bank with the correct form to pay the fee. The National bank was popular, so I went to Alpha and paid the additional €2.00, which was worth it as I was the only customer. That done, I took the receipt to the KEP office to complete the process, and they will phone me when the licence is in. If you are interested, this is what I took:

february 5th_3

Old yUK driving licence with a translation stamped by my solicitor who also did the translation, my tax number, proof of my address – in my case an affidavit as I have no bills in my name, and a copy of my birth certificate which explained why the licence was under the shortened version of my third name and not my first name. Also, a stamped copy of my passport and, for good measure a tax return form which I don’t think I needed. I also supplied the asked-for folder and that receipt from the bank.

february 5th_1

After that, I paid our annual post office bill for the PO Box we have – it’s not necessary but we’ve always done it, and there’s something exciting about opening the box and seeing what you’ve won. In this case, it was a phone bill and a birthday present for someone. I also picked up a curtain from the bookshop (a delivery point for certain couriers) and as that was an awkward size to carry, took a taxi back up to the village for a bit of shopping, sorted the washing which had dried very well in the warm wind, and made lunch, leaving me free to write in the afternoon. All in all, a successful day. Oh, and I also booked mother a hotel room for September. I tried the Village Hotel but there was no-one around, so I grabbed the offer via It would have benefited them and me had I gone directly to the hotel, but I didn’t want to miss the room. There, that was Monday.

february 5th_2