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Posted on August 14 2010 by James

I’m beginning to feel we’re really getting somewhere with our movie, Shocking the Donkeys. We’ve now got a total of eight main characters, six of who live on Kalados (our fictional island which we really know is rather like Symi) and two living in New York.

Menni is our early 70s, rather feisty yaya (grandmother) who has spent most of her life on the island. Her only grandson, we’ve decided, is called Petros, and he’s lived in New York since his American mother took him away from Kalados at the age of 16.

Petros, who works as a translator for an up-market book publisher (think coffee table glossy) comes out as gay, and meets Alex, a highly talented American photographer who illustrates some of the books.

Menni’s dearest wish is for Petros to marry a good Kalados girl. However, when Petros announces he’s marrying an American she’s happy with that. What she doesn’t realise, until Petros and Alex arrive on Kalados, is that it’s going to be a gay marriage.

shocking the donkeys

Shocked donkey

The bulk of Shocking the Donkeys is about Menni doing her best to get rid of Alex, convince Petros he’s really straight, and get him to marry a good local girl. Stirring the pot will be Gorge (the police chief), Jane (the reporter) and Stelios (Petros’ one-time best friend). Also involved is Takis, the mayor, and his teenage son, Merkouris.

What they all do exactly is still in the creative melting pot.

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