The donkey’s back is broken

Posted on October 17 2010 by James

Sounds alarming – but no real donkeys involved here (well, almost). This is just to let you know we have broken the back of Shocking the Donkeys, the screenplay.


Toon by Clive Wakfer and Sarah Bassett

What that really means is we’re getting close to finishing the treatment for Act 2. As I’ve revealed before, most writers of screenplays find Act 2 rather daunting. Act 2 is this vast desert of 60 blank pages that must be crossed, and in which writers can so easily lose their way.

We are now well past the half way mark and into what are effectively the closing stages of the act with the climax well in sight.

The problem we have always had with our Act 2 is not the lack of ideas but too many ideas. We have had to be pretty ruthless in keeping things down to an absolute minimum.

One of our more inspired bits of plotting, which we’re definitely keeping in, is a donkey chase. There is a point where Petros has to get to the harbour as quickly as possible, and the only transport he can lay hands on is a donkey.

My friend Anne Zouroudi, author of the Greek detective series of novels published by Bloomsbury, who set her first book in Symi, says she wants to be there when we film it. I just hope we can find a donkey with sufficient acting talent to pull it off.

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