Shocking the Donkeys draft two

Posted on December 16 2010 by James

The latest news on the Shocking the Donkeys project.

shocking the donkeys

Draft 2

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently and that was to be expected. After finishing a first draft of the script in November, it was sent off to the production company who are interested in taking the project further. They, in turn, sent out a copy of the script to a possible director.

And this is where we start to get the first of the creative input from other people. This is where the process of writing a screenplay becomes collaborative. After a couple of weeks the possible director (not mentioning names here, as nothing is decided), replied with his input. And how useful was that?

Very useful. You’ve got to be able to take on board other people’s comments and criticisms when you collaborate on anything, and we got back exactly what we wanted: direct and to the point ideas, comments, criticisms and a really big boost to our confidence. It’s clear that what we had done came off the page and onto the reader just fine, and it is also clear that we have something that could appeal to more than just a gay audience. That was what we were aiming for, but this new input has shown us other ways that we can do it – things we can do to widen the audience if you like.

So our next stage is Draft Two, which we have started working on. This isn’t so much to say ‘yes sir’ to a possible director, but it’s a way of picking up on things we missed, and improvements we feel that can be made based on the suggestions from someone independent and who knows what he is talking about. (And, after a break from the script for a few weeks we came back to it with fresh eyes of our own.) We agreed with most of what was written – in the feedback -  and so we’re going back to some of the script and seeing how we can improve it. It’s fun and exciting and a good exercise in writing, if nothing else.

So for the next few weeks, and over Christmas, we will be busy with that. But more blog posts will be posted when there is more news.

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