No Page 30 blahs here

Posted on September 21 2010 by James

It’s been a while, so straight off I’m sorry for the delay in bringing you the latest blog. But lots has been happening, much of which I can’t share with you yet, but it’s all good news. So watch this space.

shocked goat

Shocked goat?

Last time I wrote about the page 30 blahs and how that problem wasn’t affecting us. I hinted that we maybe had the opposite problem – too much material. And that in fact is proving to be the case. An embarrassment of riches, in fact.

And that’s what’s tied us up this last week. As you know, we’ve completed the treatment for Act 1 and we’re working on Act 2. We’ve completed the first 10-minute sequence of Act 2, and we’re currently working out the next 10-minutes.

But we’ve got enough material for about 30-40 minutes and we really are having to make hard choices here.

This part of Shocking the Donkeys is all about the dreadful things Menni (the grandmother) gets up to in trying to get rid of Alex (the wicked American boyfriend who wants to marry her grandson, Petros).

Menni has a cunning plan. Well, a series of cunning plans really. She has to get rid of Alex if she is going to stop the marriage.

So what we’re busy doing is whittling down her cunning plans so they only last about ten minutes. Not an easy task. But I can tell you that a donkey is involved. Oh, and some goats. Bet that gets you thinking!

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