News is spreading

Posted on July 29 2010 by James

Found out today to my surprise that news of our romantic comedy movie project is rapidly spreading through the Greek gay community, courtesy of various websites.

This may have been started by Ta Nea, the Greek national daily evening newspaper mentioning it in their article on me and Neil last Saturday, or maybe the Daily Telegraph in the UK, which has also mentioned it. But the gay websites seem to have a great deal more information than the papers carried.

I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised. We’ve already been told by Matthew John, of the UK film company Olympus Productions, that industry professionals have tipped Greek Island as a potential big money spinner. He’s been talking to people in Los Angeles who love the idea.

Matt is currently compiling a business pack for the project which he will be putting before potential backers. He says the project will certainly appeal because it’s low budget and low risk. That, apparently, doesn’t mean low quality, I’m glad to hear.

It’s low budget because it can be filmed mostly on location, on an island like Symi, but it will be a very high quality production. It’s low risk because the audience potential is wide and romantic comedies are very popular.

Matt thinks it’s the kind of project that should appeal to a gay entrepreneur looking to break into the film industry. He’s talking to people in Europe and the USA but personally I’d love it if someone in Greece took it up. Someone with a real interest in seeing this project boost the economy of the islands. Someone who understands our vision for making this film work for Greece in these difficult economic times.

I’m beginning to sound like a Greek version of Gordon Brown. What a nightmare!

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