New Facebook Site for Gay Actors and Film People

Posted on August 24 2010 by James

We realise that as word spreads about our film project Shocking the Donkeys, our blog is likely to be read by an increasing number of people involved in the film industry, or who want to become involved.

shocking the donkeys

Shocked donkey

One of our aims in this blog is to take you on the journey from the beginning of the project right through to when it is screened and released as a DVD. And along the way we’ll share with you any useful tips and information we come across.

So here’s a tip. If you’re already involved in the film industry in some way, or hoping to become involved, whether as actor, screenwriter, director, producer – whatever – and you happen to be gay or identify as gay, there’s a new Facebook community which is just for you.

Gay Male Models and Actors sounds like it’s just limited to actors and models but the site says it’s really for anyone in the entertainment industry.

You can sign up there and have your picture, biog and skills on display for others in the industry to see. It’s all about networking of course, and putting people in touch with each other, creating opening and job opportunities.

We shall certainly be giving the site a good run through when it comes to casting some of our characters for Shocking the Donkeys. But let us make this point straight away. Although this movie features some gay characters, the sexuality of the auditioning actors is completely irrelevant and carries no weight at all. It’s all about acting, and many straight actors have carried off gay or lesbian roles brilliantly, and vice versa.

Click here if you want to check out this new community.

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