Menni Wins

Posted on July 24 2010 by James

Symi island churchI’ve decided to make Menni the protagonist, not Petros. Greek Island is going to be her story. She’s the one who’s going to move the action along. This will make her a very interesting and challenging character.

What I need to decide now is whether she is also going to be the Main Character (MC).

You might well be wondering what the difference is between an MC and a protagonist. Surely they are the same?

Answer: No. The protagonist drives the story, but the MC is the person through whom the audience experience the story. Often the MC and protagonist are combined in the same player.

But look at Sherlock Holmes. The great detective drives the story, but we experience it through what Dr Watson writes. In the movie To Kill a Mockingbird  it is Atticus, the lawyer, who drives the story, but we experience it through his daughter, Scout, who acts as narrator.

We could see Menni’s story through the eyes of another character. More decisions.

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