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Posted on March 28 2011 by James

Just a quick update: For everyone who is following the blog and the progress of Shocking The Donkeys, the current news is:

Symi photos

Symi photos

The production company who have taken the script (Andzoo Productions) are now in the process of arranging finance for a production. This could take some time, as these things are never ‘over night’. There is great interest all round for the project, still, and what is really needed at this stage is a Greek film company to come on board. As a writer I don’t understand all the workings of the production side of a film project so I won’t guess at what it means to have a Greek film company involved, but we are of course, hoping that one comes forward to get involved.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for any film company as the theme and subject matter of Shocking the Donkeys is so new, and slightly controversial in Greece, that whoever puts in will, we hope, get a great deal out. We expect eyebrows to be raised, and things to be said once the film does come out. A gay wedding in Greece? Illegal still! Two men kissing on TV isn’t allowed in Greece so how will people think about it happening in the cinema?

Meanwhile I was contacted by the STAR TV channel recently and asked if I would do an interview about gay weddings in Greece – obviously ‘Donkeys’ news is spreading far and wide. I wasn’t able to get to Athens for the show though (and I couldn’t afford it) so I had to turn in down. But that’s just another example of how much interest our little project is generating. All a good grounding for a Greek Film Production company I imagine.

So, that’s where we are. Waiting to see what happens with raising the money. And, if you would like to know more and get in touch, if you’re a Greek film company who is interested, then go to http://andzooproductions.com/ and take a look around, and use their Contacts page to get in touch.

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