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Posted on July 29 2010 by James

If you want to help the GLBT cause in Greece, help civil rights in the country and help get this film made, then now’s your chance.

We can confirm that “Shocking the Donkeys” is currently scheduled to be shot in Greece in the late summer of 2012 (probably September/October) with a view to release either late 2012 or early 2013. The project is in pre-production with that timetable in mind, and already has an outstanding director attached who has already had a considerable impact on changes to the script.

The budget is £500,000 (ideal) but the movie can be made on £200,000. We are about to enter the funding stage, and in the autumn of this year will be actively seeking the investment needed. While we intend to raise some of the money from traditional film investors, we also feel there should be a strong social element to this – a kind of “vote” on the importance of the issue, if you like. We will therefore be launching, this autumn, a special website aimed at securing so-called “crowd” or “social” funding to help finance the movie. This will be an opportunity for people in the LGBT community both internationally and especially in Greece to say: “This is a very important issue and we want to see this film made in order to put the question of LGBT marriage and other rights in Greece firmly on the table.”

Until the website is up and running, you can email us for a personal discussion about how you could help. EMAIL HERE.

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Earlier news:

After only a few weeks online, news of our romantic comedy movie project is rapidly spreading through the Greek gay community, courtesy of various websites.

This may have been started by Ta Nea, the Greek national daily evening newspaper mentioning it in their article on me and Neil and Symi in July, or maybe the Daily Telegraph in the UK, which has also mentioned it. But the gay websites seem to have a great deal more information than the papers carried.

We’ve already been told by Matthew John, of the UK film company Olympus Productions, that industry professionals have tipped Shocking the Donkeys as a potential big money spinner. He’s been talking to people in Los Angeles who love the idea.

Matt is currently compiling a business pack for the project which he will be putting before potential backers. He says the project will certainly appeal because it’s low budget and low risk. That, apparently, doesn’t mean low quality, I’m glad to hear.

It’s low budget because it can be filmed mostly on location, on an island like Symi, but it will be a very high quality production. It’s low risk because the audience potential is wide and romantic comedies are very popular.

Matt thinks it’s the kind of project that should appeal to a gay entrepreneur looking to break into the film industry. He’s talking to people in Europe and the USA but personally I’d love it if someone in Greece took it up. Someone with a real interest in seeing this project boost the economy of the islands. Someone who understands our vision for making this film work for Greece in these difficult economic times.

If you are interested in this investment opportunity, contact Matt through Olympus Productions.

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