International hotline

Posted on August 8 2010 by James

Although I live here in Greece (well, on Symi, actually) I feel at the moment as if I’m having bi-lateral talks through an interpreter with a computer based in the UK. The computer, through my writing partner, Jack, asks me a series of questions and I have to send it back answers.

Jack is my interpreter because I haven’t a clue what all these questions are about or where they’re going, so he tries to translate.

Do decisions force actions or actions force decisions? That was one. Haven’t a clue.

Will the climax be brought about by a time lock or an option lock? Any climaxes involving locks sound decidedly dodgy to me.

Jacks says it’s all pretty simple really. The time lock is where the characters are racing against a clock, like defusing a bomb before it goes off. The plots of “24” always have Jack Bauer up against some impossible deadline.

Option locks are when the characters, well, run out of options. Like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (great film). With that super posse closing in, they had no option but to jump off that cliff.

With that computer on my trail both my time and options are running out and I’ve got to take action and make a decision.

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