Greek Island gets a new title

Posted on August 10 2010 by James

The money boys have asked us to come up with a sexier title for the movie.

As you know, Greek Island was only ever a working title, something I plucked out the air at the very beginning. But a film title, as is any book or play title, is a vital part of the marketing process.

Shocking the Donkeys

Shocking the Donkeys

I once read that a title should make some kind of promise and then you must make sure you deliver on that promise. It got me thinking about famous film titles and seeing if I could work out the promises they made.

The money boys also wanted a strap line, the bit that comes before or after the title. In fact, title and strap line should really be worked out together as part of a single promise.

One of my favourites has to be: The Big Lebowski – Her life was in their hands. Now her toe is in the mail. And then: GoldenEye – You know the name. You know the number. Titanic had a clever one: Nothing on earth could come between them.

Each of these films delivers on an implied promise. So we had to be just as clever. After dozens of brainstorming mails between my writing partner, Jack Rousseau, and myself, we came up with:

Shocking the Donkeys – the gay Greek marriage that rocked the cradle of civilisation.

There is some logic to this. There’s an English euphemism about “frightening the horses”. But on our fictional Greek island, there are only donkeys. Lots of them, in fact. And the people of Kalados have their own colloquial expression (the Greeks are famous for them) about something being so dreadful it even shocks the donkeys. And other expressions about donkeys come to mind.

So Shocking the Donkeys it is. Spread the word.

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