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Posted on August 1 2010 by James
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Marcus Schenkeneberg Holly Davidson & Matthew John

Although we’ve mentioned it in the section Investment Opportunities (see tabs above) we’ve not yet talked about it in the blog. So we thought we’d tell you something about Matthew John, our executive producer.

The executive producer is responsible for bringing the whole project together. That means finding all the funding and then sourcing the various people involved in the whole production, those who do all the planning, those who shoot the movie, the actors, the post-production team, and the distributors.

At the moment, Matt is bringing together the funding, and has already interested two international wine companies in sponsoring the finished movie round the all-important film festivals circuit. He’s also got someone working on the business pack for interested backers, and he’s got a major distributor interested. So things are coming together.

Matt is credited with resurrecting the British Hammer House of Horror tradition (see review at Brit This is based on a movie he made in 2006 called Perfect Woman, starring Caprice, David Prowse, Toby Kebbell, Angelica Bridges, Marcus Schenkenberg, Holly Davidson, and Naomi Campbell, and filmed on location at Thornbury Castle, a suitably gothic pile near Bristol.

You can find production details for this on The British Films Catalogue website. Although that production cost a million pounds, Matt has been asked to remake it for a major studio at many times that cost, and while bringing that project together, and various others, he’s also working on Greek Island.

I should point out that Greek Island is about as far away from Hammer House of Horror as you could get.

British Films Catalogue
Perfect Woman

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