First reading of the script

Posted on November 24 2010 by James

1st read through

Last night, November 24th, a small group of volunteers got together to read aloud the first draft of the script for Shocking The Donkeys. We were not actors and the idea wasn’t to make a professional recording of the script. The idea was to get it onto tape so that Jack and I can listen to the words, like listening to a radio play. And the other main idea was to get input from the readers, and, for that reason, a discussion followed the table reading and recording.



Some interesting points came up from the ‘cast.’ There were some typos to correct, but only a very few. We were lucky enough to have an American (from New York) reading the part of Alex, the character from New York, and so some of his dialogue is now going to be modified – only to take out what might be southern-isms and put in New York-isms. (Why do I always hear American voices as Blanche from the Golden Girls? Is that just me?)

We were also able to discuss the characters and the team felt there were no weak characters – all those months of building the characters, structuring the plot and developing the characters seems to have paid off. there were laughs at the right moments, some quieter times during the poignant scenes, and even the sound effects of bells when called for – though that was completely coincidental and did make us all giggle. We were recording in Horio, on Symi – the Greek island where James lives, and there are 13 churches in this village, one of which chimes the time and half hour.

But we’ve got everything on tape now and I need to put it up onto the PC so I can send it across to the UK for Jack to listen to, in a dark room… then we can set about making some adjustments. But I am happy to say these are only going to be minor adjustments.

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