Essex girl Jane

Posted on August 4 2010 by James

I’ve decided the reporter will be an ex-pat British woman called Jane. She’s married to a Greek man on Kalados, and she’s originally from Essex. But she’s not an Essex girl, if you get my drift.

Kalados is too small a place for its own newspaper, and I couldn’t see any other media organisation having a full-time reporter based on the island. So Jane has got to be a freelance who lives there because she wants to.

So she’s the one and only reporter supplying any news there happens to be on the island. Which means she’s not exactly busy, and that could be frustrating for her. The gay marriage could be the biggest story she’s ever come across.

Jane probably came across Kalados years ago when she was backpacking round the islands. She fell in love with both the place and her husband and stayed.

Being from Essex. I think Jane can be quite an assertive kind of woman. I think she might be the kind of person to stir things up on the island if she has a mind to. She’s not the sort to be a submissive housewife. Could be fun.

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