Draft two act two…

Posted on January 4 2011 by James

The re-writing continues. We have had positive feedback about our revised Act One from a possible director.

His comments about the script in general were taken on board, we worked through the story again, we saw things from a different view point and we started writing Act One again towards the end of last year. Now we have had encouraging reports back about that, we are going to start re-writing Act Two (a), the next 30 minute (roughly) section of the screenplay. This means re-arranging the cards, checking the plot lines, seeing what scenes still work and writing new ones to replace old… It’s all great fun and a very interesting experience.

The story is essentially the same though we’ve lost one character and developed a minor character to fill the role of the character now cut; that in itself was an interesting exercise, and you can easily see, when a film gets made and then shown, how scenes and even whole characters are cut. Our character of Jane won’t even make it through draft two of the writing, let alone to filming, and who knows who may end up on the cutting room floor by the end of the process. It could even be us writers! It’s not uncommon for the original writers to go and new ones to be brought in… I’d better stop talking about that now, just in case.

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