Dividing up the Work

Posted on July 17 2010 by James

The next few blog posts, over the coming weeks, are based on notes that I made when we started on this project a couple of months ago. As the blog came after we started writing I am kind of backtracking for a while, so that we have a complete record of our thoughts from day one. So, the next few posts are chronological but were written a little while ago.

Symi a Greek islandOK. So I’ve promised to write a finished movie by next March about two men wanting to marry on a Greek Island. The idea came to me thanks to the civil partnership ceremonies that took place on nearby Tilos a couple of years ago and the outcry that followed. My first task was to contact Jack Rousseau, my writing partner in the UK.

We’ve agreed to run with my idea. I’ve given him more detail. It’s going to be about a Greek grandmother on the island who is over the moon that her only grandson is coming back to the island to get married.

She knows her grandson is marrying an American called Alex. But what she doesn’t know until the ferry actually arrives is that Alex … is a man!

Jack loves the idea.

We’ve agreed that he will spend the summer leading on structuring the idea. That will give me enough time to get on with the things I have to do on Symi day to day. When the winter comes, I’ll lead on writing the dialogue. Sounds like a good plan.

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