Computers take over

Posted on July 27 2010 by James

Symi church bells, GreeceI’m being replaced by a computer, it seems. I always knew that one day the robots would take over.

But I exaggerate. Jack Rousseau, my writing partner in England, tells me he’s using some new computer software to keep track of all the structuring. I have no idea how it works and I am highly dubious about the whole thing.

‘You gotta trust me on this one,’ he says. I think he’s been watching too much 24.

Apparently, he feeds a certain amount of basic information about Greek Island in the computer and it then comes back with a whole range of deeply probing questions about the characters. Then you do the same with the plot. The computer then tells you what’s missing. And if you’re doing anything wrong. Something like that.

What’s happened to artistic creativity?

Anyway, I’ve decided that Menni is going to be both the protagonist (driving the story) and the Main Character (through whom the audience experiences the movie). So Jack can go and stuff that into the computer.

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