Climb every mountain……

Posted on February 10 2011 by James

Hollywood, here I come. Well, maybe. But here’s an interesting development. The people that flocked to cinemas wordwide to watch “Sister Act” when it first came out will likewise flock to see “Shocking the Donkeys”. Really!

That’s what we’ve been told. Or rather, that’s what we’ve been told will happen if we carefully position the script towards that demographic.

Which is why we’ve been hard at work on yet another draft. I can’t believe we completed the original script (now the first draft) at the end of November and here we are, just over two months later, with a completed third draft. And each draft is quite different.

To recap: the first draft was sent to a director who is very interested. We can’t name him yet because nothing is signed. But he loved the story and had a list of improvements. So by the end of January, we had a completed second draft, which took on board all these suggestions.

And that’s where Whoopi entered. Or rather, “Sister Act”. The producer (someone else we can’t yet name) spotted the “Sister Act” potential in the second draft. In other words, he could see a large number of similar dynamics that, with some careful re-writing, could put “Shocking the Donkeys” in the same league. The director agreed.

If we have succeeded in appealing to the “Sister Act” audience, it should mean the project is more attractive to investors who want to be involved with that kind of success. And maybe we can afford to tempt Dame Maggie Smith to take on the leading role.

When we first started this project, we always hoped it might have a bit more to offer than just being another niche gay market movie that went straight to DVD. We rather hoped it would have a broader audience appeal, but we never dreamed it might be in the “Sister Act” league.

This doesn’t of course mean that we’ve swapped our cast of characters for a bunch of Greek nuns and stuck them in an island convent to be inspired by a vamped up version of Nana Mouskouri to create “Sister Act 3: The Greek Odyssey”. I’ll explain, next time.

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